Diazepam is the active ingredient found in the very popular Valium. The drug is used to treat many physical and psychological issues in the human body. Many people which have used Valium without consultation from their doctor, and without any knowledge of its effect on their body. It is a benzodiazepine drug which has anticonvulsant, muscle relaxant, sedative, amnestic and anxiolytic characteristics which treat a wide variety of symptoms.

The drug stimulates the brain chemical gamma-aminobutyric into more potency. GABA provides relaxation, and calmness to the human mind and body, and is a naturally occurring chemical! Cases which relate to anxiety, muscle strain, seizures and withdrawal symptoms can all be treated through consuming diazepam in the quantity prescribed by your physician.

It should be made clear that many prescription drugs have addictive properties. The same is the case with diazepam, though it is a great medicine for certain illnesses it should never be consumed out of moderating. Consuming too much of one thing is in most cases very harmful to the human body. Make sure that you only take the dosages are prescribed to you by your doctor without exceeding them. If you feel that you need a higher dosage or stronger pills you will need to consult your doctor first.

Many things can cause stress related issues for people. Anxiety and nervousness lead to a lot of problems that cause adverse effects to the human body. Laziness, or a stationary deskjob can lead to muscle and joint problems in your skeletal structure. Diazepam helps deter all of these symptoms by attacking to GABA receptors and increasing the potency of that brain chemical.

Thus Valium in its truest essence is actually a means to strengthen a function of the human body. It is marketed through 500 brands across the globe, in the form of oral pills, injections, inhalations or rectal forms. Let us now discuss some of the medical conditions that are incompatible with the consumption of this medication.


Respiration Issues

If you have had problems breathing or have one of the major respiratory conditions such as bronchitis, or asthma you should avoid using the drug. Diazepam works somewhat like an antidepressant and lowers the overall functioning of your body, creating a very relaxed feeling for your body. However, people with respiratory issues can’t afford to relax their breathing, thus diazepam usage is not the best way for them to go.


Pregnancy and baby care

If you are looking to get pregnant or are already pregnant, you should never use diazepam. As using it whilst pregnant can have severely damaging effects of an unborn child. It is very important that you find a safer alternative to your anxiety needs instead of opting for valium while you’re pregnant.

After the child is born you should avoid using diazepam until your baby is past the breast feeding age. This is because Diazepam is directly secreted into the naturally made milk in the human body. If you feed this milk to your infant, it can cause major weight loss and drowsiness for your baby.


An alcohol or cigarette addiction are clear indicators to not consume the drug. This is because it will substantially increase the potency of the effects of these harmful products. Alcohol is known to lower brain function for short periods of time, and using diazepam while drinking alcohol is very dangerous.

These are just some of the conditions for staying away from using the drug, for a thorough explanation you should take a full record of your medical history to a doctor for analysis. Now that we have discussed the conditions in which you shouldn’t consume it, let us discuss the conditions that can be treated using Diazepam.


Anxiety disorders

The amount of anxiety issues have definitely increased over the last couple of days as the responsibilities of people living in a modern day society have increased. Anxiety usually stems from large amounts of stress, whether it be because of an upcoming job interview, problems with relationships, or general displeasure. Anxiety can lead to a number of disorders that have various symptoms. It is used to treat the following symptoms of anxiety: fear of dying, shakiness in the body, panic attacks or agitation.

Diazepam calms down a person by calling on the GABA chemical in the human brain. This basically creates a much more relaxing outlook for a person using diazepam while suffering anxiety. Keep in mind that diazepam should only be used in short term anxiety issues. Long term anxiety attacks should be dealt with other kinds of antidepressants.

Muscle Tensing

The muscles of your body are under constant strain throughout your life. Different types of muscle strains offer advantages, and some can have very harmful disadvantages. Muscle stiffness is usually a direct result of a lack of stimulation of your muscles. If you have a job that requires you to stay in a stationary position for long periods of times your muscles will definitely tense up. Muscle injury however are mainly caused by accidents and both cases can be treated with diazepam.

Diazepam acts as a muscle relaxant for the body as well. Loosening up the stiffness of your muscles will lower the jolting pains in your joints. You should also use stretching exercises to help you with such issues.


As stated before, the medication shouldn’t be used while consuming alcohol, however you should consume diazepam after you quit alcohol, especially if you quit it abruptly. Do keep in mind however that if you’re consuming large amounts of alcohol every day and you suddenly decide to quit, your body will experience painful and hard withdrawal symptoms. The withdrawal symptoms of alcohol include, depression, agitation, constant vomiting, and constant nausea. Please remember that the medication may be very unpredictable as it relaxes your body and may even cause you to fall asleep, so please seek medical aide before consuming.

Diazepam is a great drug that should be used in complete observance to the rules dictated by your doctor. By listening to your doctor and not taking your medical conditions into your own hands, you ensure yourself a chance at a better life. No one wants to stay scared, stressed or stiffed forever, and diazepam can help you avoid such things.